We're really excited to announce that for the duration of April and May we're going to be running a challenge in supported by SAP - and that means prizes!

SAP and YRS are old friends, in fact they were the key sponsor of the first Festival back in 2012 and have supported us ever since. Thanks for keeping the faith guys! SAP make loads of digital stuff, including an app development platform called 'HANA Cloud'. It's pretty snazzy and makes it really fast and easy to pull data into apps - so if you get to grips with it now it'll make your apps even more WOW in future! That's why we're setting a challenge based all around having a go at HANA and building an app using the tech.

The prizes, challenge and resources are all set out below so all that remains is to say... Good Luck!

The Challenge

We regularly come into contact with systems or information that is complicated and difficult when it doesn't need to be. Take bus timetables for example - back in the day they used to be these booklets of mind-boggling grids of times, but all anyone needed to know was when they needed to get the bus to arrive at their destination in time. Apps like CityMapper have made that system run simple, but there are heaps more out there that need fixing...

For this challenge we want you to use your digital skills to make something 'Run Simple'. Pretty straightforward, right?

For starters why don't you think about the types of information you find useful day to day and think about how you could make that simple, accessible and user friendly. It might be making a process simple, or a simple interface to make information more accessible, or a game to explain complex ideas - we just want to see how digital can make life easier for everyone!

So where do SAP come into this? Well for the duration of the challenge we want you to have a play with their HANA Cloud Platform. HANA is designed to make things Run Simple - it's in the cloud so you don't need to install complex software, and it enables you to access large amounts of data really, really fast. Check out the resources below to help you use HANA - it's an awesome skill to have and will make your building so much easier in the future!

To enter the challenge build a working prototype or demo which fits the brief and is built on the HANA Cloud Platform, and then add it as a 'new project' to the HacksApp by 5pm on 31st May. Oh and teams MUST not be any larger than three people.

And now for the exciting part... If your team builds the best app you'll each win your very own iPad. Yeah, an iPad. So go get 'em!

Rules & Support

    You will be judged evenly on three criteria:

  • Project's Reliability
  • Best Design & Experience
  • Innovative Concept

    We have three simple rules for our challenges:

  • Make it original!
  • Use full names, no team names please
  • Have a demo (live or video) and link to it



    Over 9,000 datasets available, from all central government departments and a number of other public sector bodies and local authorities.

  • Met Office Datapoint

    We British love the weather, and yes we talk about it lots. But there's so much more to know than simply 'is it going to rain?!' Data includes forecast and observation map layers such as radar and cloud cover for the UK; forecast and observed site specific data such as temperature, wind speed and direction; and, regularly updated text forecasts for mountain weather, national parks and UK regions.

  • London Datastore

    The London Datastore provides a wealth of data specific to the city of London, with the aim of making the lives of Londoners better. With challenges, dataset previews and APIs there's lots of inspiration to help you with your challenge.

  • Leeds Data Mill

    Leeds Data Mill is an ever-increasing store of Leeds specific data. By collecting Open Data from multiple sources in a single website, LDM offer a greater insight into the city's services and organisations, and give everyone the chance to work together to improve Leeds.

  • Legislation Data

    This site publishes all data about current and past legislation created by government. Could you find a way to separate the legislation relevant to you, and provide a way for others to comment on it?

  • Education Data

    Unsurprisingly, education often tops the list of important things for young people today, and there is so much data about schools and education both locally and nationally. Is there a way to use this to improve standards and experiences?

  • Food Standards Agency Data

    Food glorious food! We all love it, but how do we know what's good for us, or if we've got an allergy, how can we be sure what is safe to eat? FSA have provided lots of data to help with this.

  • LMI for All

    Most people spend more hours working than doing anything else - so employment information seems pretty important! This expansive API collects information from the UK Commission for Employment & Skills on jobs (vacancies, average hours and pay, etc), and skills.


We're running a series of events in the run-up to the Festival of Code, open to all, to work on this challenge and our Hyperlocal centres will also be there to support you if you want to take it on. So there are loads of opportunities to collaborate with others on a project and get expert support. Of course if you can't make it to a session you're also welcome to take part remotely - just remember to upload your project to the HacksApp before the deadline!

Additional iPad Prize Draw

Finally we have another iPad to give away in a random draw to anyone who signs up for the HANA platform online. All you need to do is follow the registration instructions and fill in the form below. Then, at the end of May we'll randomly select one person to win this fabulous prize! Simple huh?

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    HANA Cloud user number (This is the number in brackets you are given when you successfully activate your account)

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