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  • Skill Development

    Being a part of our community gives young people with an enthusiasm for digital making the opportunity to improve their skills. This is done through project-focused learning and skill sharing with peers and expert mentors. By experimenting with new technologies, and stretching their abilities to turn their ideas into real prototypes, participants at our event quickly learn to reject the notion of impossibility and instead realise that when you work as a team you can achieve more than you ever expected!

  • Collaborative Community

    Being a part of Young Rewired State is not just about attending our events, it's about becoming a part of a community. Meeting like-minded at peers at our events is an opportunity to get validation for your skills, learn from others, and most importantly make friends and have fun! Being a part of our community also opens up loads of opportunities to interact with top technologists, from the wacky inventors at the bleeding edge of technological innovation, to the inspired entrepreneurs of the start up world, to major tech companies with all the experience and resources they have to offer.

  • Openness

    Our community values openness in every sense. We encourage all participants at our events to use open data in their prototypes, as this allows them to use their skill and help their communities. We also encourage our young developers to open source their code so it can benefit others too. Finally, we're a truly inclusive community and firmly believe that tech talent can be found anywhere! That's why all our events are free to attend and we have an access scheme to encourage participation from under-represented groups!