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Ruby's Threads

A Community Project

Want to redesign Ruby? Maybe she'll look great with some different threads. This is your chance to build and contribute.

Since 2009 this one event has become a rapidly growing network of developers and designers aged 18 and under. Our primary focus is to continue to find and foster every young person driven to teach themselves how to code, how to program the world around them. Our efforts are celebrated annually at the Festival of Code, held over a week in multiple centres culminating in a huge showcase weekend.

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YRS Hyperlocal gives our community the tools, resources and confidence to realise the amazing potential locked inside their digital skills. By developing these skills further, and exploring the exciting opportunities available for young entrepreneurs, Hyperlocal will provide real chances for young people to make a difference and maybe even change their future.

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Everywhere is our programme to spread YRS around the world! To date we have run hack weekends for our 'founding 50' young coders in the New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Berlin and even had a centre participate remotely in the Festival of Code 2014 from Kosovo. Our aim is to bring young digital makers everywhere into our global community and make sure they all have a place to share skills, receive expert help and make friends!

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Rewired State uses a hacker ethos to disrupt traditional processes and develop client products using our family of independent developers. We rapidly prototype solutions to challenges as we prove what can be done with data. If you are a YRS community member aged 16 or over and want to work with government and industry giants - Rewired State is for you.

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